Merle L Bowen Phd

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Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies,Center for African Studies,African American Studies,Latin American and Caribbean Studies,LAS Global Studies,Political Science, and Center for Global Studies

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    Department of Political Science
    420 David Kinley Hall, 1407 W. Gregory Drive
    1407 W Gregory Dr
    M/C 713
    Urbana, IL 61801
  • Telephone: (217)333-6335
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Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Land Reform and African descent communities in Brazil; Gender and Afro-Latin American social movements; the State and Rural Struggles in Mozambique


  • PhD, University of Toronto, 1986
  • M.A.A.S., University of California, 1979
  • BA (Honors), University of Toronto, 1978


  • Pan Africansim in the Americas, Europe and Africa
  • Government and Politics in Africa
  • Introduction to the African Diaspora
  • Development of African Studies
  • Global Africa
  • Social Movements and Globalization in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Comparative Politics in Developing Countries



  • Bowen, Merle. The State against the Peasantry: Rural Struggles in Colonial and Postcolonial Mozambique. . Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 2000.

Book Contributions

  • Bowen, Merle. "Social Differentiation, Farming Practices, and Environmental Change in Mozambique." African Savannas: Global Narratives and Local Knowledge of Environmental Change. . Comp. Thomas Bassett. Ed. Donald Crummey. Oxford and Portsmouth: James Currey and Heinemann, 2003. 225-247.

Journal Articles

  • Bowen, Merle. "The Struggle for Black Land Rights in Brazil." African and Black Diaspora: An International Journal 3.2 (2010): 147-168.