Graduate Minor in GWS

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Graduate Minor

"I loved that GWS allowed me to grapple with difficult questions—questions about identity, justice, modernity—with the support of people with a dazzling depth and breadth of knowledge across disciplines." GWS Alumn Tad Andracki

The Gender and Women's Studies Department offers a graduate minor. The graduate minor in gender & women's studies offers sophisticated training in feminist theory and methodology to graduate students who want to incorporate gender & women's studies into their degree work. Because gender has become a central category of analysis in many disciplines and fields, the graduate minor strengthens students' formal credentials and offers a versatile area of specialization. Students should submit this Grad Minor application to the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at 1205 W. Nevada St, Urbana.

Students completing the graduate minor must submit a curriculum change request form to the Graduate College prior to graduation.

Petitions and Forms | Graduate College at Illinois

Required Courses Required Hours
GWS 550, Feminist Theories and Methods 4
GWS 590, Topics in Gender & Women's Studies 4
An additional 400 or 500 level GWS course selected from a list of approved courses maintained in the department office by the GWS advisor. An independent study in GWS may also serve as the additional course. 4
Total Hours 12
Other Requirements*  
In addition to the minor requirements, students must also complete the requirements of their major degree. Hours counted toward completion of a minor may not also be applied toward any other transcripted credential.  


The following University of Illinois Departments or Colleges have approved a Graduate Minor in Gender & Women's Studies at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels: