Graduate Minor in Queer Studies

Section 1

"My training in GWS has provided me with critical perspectives that complement my training in rhetorical studies and that I can draw upon in my research, pedagogy, and personal life."Kate Irwin, GWS Graduate Minor

The graduate minor in Queer Studies offers students the opportunity to gain expertise in queer theory and methodology as part of their graduate degree work. The graduate minor in queer studies offers students a versatile interdisciplinary framework to complement and strengthen their research and pedagogy in their chosen field of study. Studentswho wish to pursue a graduate minor in Queer Studies must submit the Queer Studies Graduate Minor Application form to or at the GWS House at 1205 W. Nevada St. MC – 137, Urbana, IL 61801.

Required Courses: Required Hours
GWS 580, Queer Theories & Methods 4
GWS 581, Topics in Queers Studies 4
One additional 400 or 500 level course selected from a list of approved courses maintained in the department office by the GWS Advisor. An independent study in GWS may, with the approval of the GWS Advisor, also serve as the additional course. 4
Total Hours 12
Other Requirements*  
In addition to the minor requirements, students must also complete the requirements of their major degree. Hours counted toward completion of a minor may not also be applied toward any other transcripted credential.  

Students completing the graduate minor must submit a curriculum change request form to the Graduate College prior to graduation in order for this credential to appear on their transcripts.